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Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 Secrets to Having a Great School Show

If you are responsible for scheduling a speaker for your next school assembly you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions you will be making and the choices you have.

The following three tips will help to insure you get a great perfomance with true educational value. This means you want a presentation that not only presents core curriculum ideas clearly, but in a memorable and entertaining fashion.

First, make sure your performer has a proven track record. Many magicians and authors attempt to enter the school show business without the necessary skills. Most people who attempt to produce a great school show fail after a few years. It is nearly impossible to have longevity unless you are getting repeat customers. It is just too costly getting new customers, so all great school show companies rely on repeat customers and referrals to grow and stay in the business. Make sure you check the history of the company, references and volume of business. The longer they have been around and the more school shows they have delivered suggests quality.

Second, make sure your performer gives a strong message. Unless you are using your school show as just a fun reward, you need to justify the time out of class. School shows can be both, fun and educational, but make sure they are really up to the task of blending both objectives successfully.

Presenters can be a great inspiration to your students and will motivate and direct them towards setting their goals and believing they can live their dreams. Make sure the message your performer delivers isn’t just a passing phrase here and there, but a substantial, strategically delivered theme of the show. Curriculum based programs emphasizing Math and Science can motivate students to excel in these areas.

Third, check to see if the presenter has materials for the teachers to use in the classroom. The follow up after a presentation helps to anchor the ideas presented in your students. Personally, I leave all schools that schedule me a copy of my science books I have written for students plus additional materials for the teachers.

Dennis Regling has been a professional trainer and speaker for over 22 years. In the past 10 years, he has presented his math and science assemblies in over 1400 schools in 25 states. Dennis is the author of two science books for grade school students and over 20 books for professional entertainers. He will present his “Magic of Science” program at the National Engineering & Science Festival in Washington, DC in October 2010.

Dennis Regling can be contacted at 1-800-858-5402 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-858-5402 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or at his website: http://www.greatassemblies.com

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